Our Team

Sean Cohen

I’m a recent law graduate passionate about community development. I love everything about music, especially its ability to bring people together! I truly believe that with music, we can make the world a better place.

Émilie Gagnier-Marandola

I’m a family medicine resident. But that wasn’t who I was when I helped found Jam for Justice. I was just a high school student who loved music. I saw it as a language that can help bring a community together and heal the soul. I still believe this today and that is why I am involved with J4J to this day.

Aisha Glenn headshot - Aisha smiling in front of green leaves
Aisha Glenn

I’m in my third year at McGill University studying Industrial Relations with a double minor in Sociology and Environment, and I’ve been with J4J since 2020. Ever since I began playing music at age 6, I’ve been passionate about it and the power it has to change lives for the better. I love watching the way that music impacts people both on an individual level and across communities, and I’m excited to get to see how J4J can grow and foster even more change in the future!

So'aad Hammami headshot - So'aad standing in front of an apple tree
Souad Hammami

I’m a recent Biology graduate with a passion for all things musical. My love for music started at a young age during music classes and has evolved as I’ve grown older. I truly appreciate the power of music to bridge cultures and bring people together and believe that J4J’s work is incredibly important!

Anthony Kanz headshot - Anthony standing in front of a yellow tree, wearing a yellow backpack
Anthony Kanz

My name is Anthony Kanz, and I’ve been with J4J Sask since 2020. Music is important to me because it is a powerful form of expression which allows the artist or artists to communicate from their heart and soul, and to have their message heard by many. I am excited for the opportunity to build a support network in Saskatoon which empowers local musicians, creates bonds within the community, and spreads the cheer and magic of music.

Cynthia Liu headshot - Cynthia standing in front of some purple flowers
Cynthia Liu

My name is Cynthia Liu and I am one of the original directors of J4J. Music has the ability to be deeply personal and universal at the same time which makes it an incredible tool. Through J4J, I have discovered my passion for social development and now work in educational philanthropy.

Khrystia MacKinnon headshot - Khrystia smiling standing in front of a brick wall
Khrystia MacKinnon

Hi! My name is Khrystia and I’m super happy to have joined the J4J team this year! I’m a first year medical student here in Saskatchewan and music has always been a big part of my life. Ranging from the countless hours of lessons to fun jam sessions in my car, music has improved my life in so many ways. I am looking forward to sharing the message that music can benefit everyone in society, on an individual basis but also as a community. It allows us to be vulnerable with one another, without needing to say a word, creating much needed human connection. This year, I’m really excited to help out and improve people’s days through the joy of music!

Kayla O’Sullivan-Steben headshot - Kayla standing in front of some green leaves
Kayla O’Sullivan-Steben

My name is Kayla and I’ve been with Jam for Justice since 2015. I’m currently working towards a Master’s degree in medical physics and have always loved playing music in my spare time. As it’s played a big role in my life, I’ve come to appreciate the positive impact music can have on both individuals and communities. For that reason, I think it’s an incredible way to unite people and I’m excited to see J4J’s new initiatives come to life!

Christina Rana headshot - Christina standing in front some green leaves
Christina Dahdah

My name is Christina and I have been a part for Jam for Justice since 2015. Music and social well-being have always been two very important things to me and I love having the opportunity to combine my interests in J4J. I am currently working on my Master’s in Nursing and enjoy making and sharing music in my spare time. I can’t wait to see where Jam for Justice goes next!

Omar Sadek headshot - Omar standing in a suit in front of some windows
Omar Sadek

My name is Omar Sadek and I’m one of the founding directors of Jam for Justice. From day one, Jam for Justice was based on a simple idea: music has a tremendous ability to improve people’s lives. This has always resonated with me, as I could not begin to measure the joy music brings me. I work in finance, and writing, playing, and simply enjoying music have always been central parts of my life. I’m excited by the opportunity to spread the joy of music and to use music as a means to better our world.

Gloria Yu headshot - Gloria is standing in front of some windows
Gloria Yu

I’m a medical student with a love for the fine arts. Music has been a lifelong passion of mine, as I love performing and sharing my music with others. Creating artwork with various mediums such as pastel, paint, and charcoal are also interests of mine. I’m excited by the opportunity to use music as a way of engaging the community!

Amy Zhou headshot - Amy standing in front of a fence
Amy Zhou

I’m a medical student at the University of Saskatchewan and a recent alumni of McGill. I’ve always been inspired by the impact music has in different communities and its ability to bring people together in difficult times. I am so honoured to be a part of this organization and be given the chance to improve the music communities across Canada.