Jam for Justice is a non-profit organization that supports social development and well-being through music.

Jam for Justice operates unique programs that use music in creative ways to empower individuals and communities.

1. Community Programs
Jam for Justice’s community programs include:

  • Musicall: Musicall is designed to spread the joy of music throughout communities by fostering music-making and music education opportunities through donations of musical instruments, music books, and music equipment.
  • Concerts for Comfort: Concerts for Comfort is an initiative driven by Jam for Justice volunteers and musicians to bring free musical performances to hospitals and senior residences
  • Jam for Justice Award: the Jam for Justice Award is a prize presented to graduating high school students involved in music and their community

2. Local Musicians
Jam for Justice is committed to supporting local musicians through funding, performance opportunities, and exposure to new audiences.

3. Important Causes
Jam for Justice supports charitable causes at home and abroad.

Just Jammin’ is a unique compilation CD featuring 18 different Montreal artists, and spanning a wide variety of music genres. Proceeds from the sale of Just Jammin’ benefit Jam for Justice and On Rock Community Services, a food bank serving the Roxboro community in Montreal.

The “justice” in “Jam for Justice” refers to social justice, which we understand as a fair distribution of both social and economic opportunities, and the betterment of human life. The “social development and well-being” in our mission refers to social justice.

The Jam for Justice logo depicts hands striking a drumhead. It symbolizes the power of music to bring people together and effectively illustrates “jamming for justice”. Our logo was designed by the late Montreal cartoonist and educator Sheldon Cohen in 2011.

The best way to get involved with Jam for Justice is to join a chapter at your school, or contact us for local volunteering opportunities. If you are a musician, you can also inquire about performing at one of our Concerts for Comfort.

For more information, please contact us.