Jam for Justice Award

The purpose of the Jam for Justice Award is to empower high school students to use music to engage with their fellow students for the betterment of their communities and world. In addition to a monetary award and plaque, award recipients will receive one of Jam for Justice’s benefit CDs, and a guidebook on individual and community engagement through music.

The Jam for Justice Award has been presented to students from the following schools:

Past Winners:

2015: Stephanie Wang (Royal West Academy)
2016: Robert Vitale (Lakeside Academy), Victoria Iannotti (Royal West Academy)
2017: Brendan Flores (Lakeside Academy), Nicholas Dahdah (Royal West Academy)
2018: Lucas Rivest (Lakeside Academy), Chloe Martin (Royal West Academy)
2019: TBA (Lakeside Academy), TBA (Macdonald High School), Liam Gaither (Royal West Academy),

Next Award: Fall 2019 (Lakeside Academy, Macdonald High School)

Applications for this year’s Jam for Justice Award are OPEN! Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Deadline to Apply: April 30, 2019 at Midnight

Application Form

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Your Short Essay (Answer the Following Question in Three [3] Paragraphs or Less):
Question: What are some ways in which you believe music can be used to support social development and well-being, and how do you believe Jam for Justice can make a greater impact to achieve this?

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